Masters of Photography

This series of biographies and essays has resulted from my research into not only the beginnings of photography but also the historical progression of the uses of photography, the photographers, the genres, the technical, the numerous movements, and well, just about everything photographic. Much has been written about individual photographers, so I don’t profess to add anything much new, but will share those photographer’s lives that either changed the mindset of photography, or provided contributions above just being a photographer.

These are my “Masters of Photography.” I stress the word “my”, as those I present are strictly my opinion, and you are free to agree or disagree.

I propose to define “Master” as those acclaimed in their era and/or field. An example, is the first of this series, Leonard Misonne, who in his day was well-known for over thirty years, was well-respected, exhibited often throughout the world, and was considered a master of bromoil and oil processes. Misonne is presented in three parts; his life, works, and his inventions.