Alt.Photo Processes

Since 2006, perhaps earlier, I had a fascination with hand-crafted photographic processes. Over the last 7 years or so, I have taken part in more workshops then I could possibly afford. But I did anyway. Alternative processes now goes beyond processes that were alternative to the then predominant silver gelatin film and paper, but includes almost any process, camera-less, new processes, combination processes, and reinventions of old processes.

Here’s all the alternative and historical photographic workshops I have attended. There are two that stand out as having been missed, Platinum and Daguerreotype. Some of the processes that are listed though are not considered alternative in my opinion but actually printmaking or craft courses.

My concentration over the past year has been Gum Bichromate, at first a fairly seemingly simple process dating back to the late 1800’s, but having so many variables as to be the most frustrating.

There is no intention to try to explain each of the processes I have listed, but I will provide an insight into how easy/hard each is, and my experiences with the process. To learn more about each go to

Also go to Alt.Process Prints that contains some examples of work I have created using some of these processes.